Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: "What I Look for in a Guy"

Hey Latina readers! Welcome to my blog! Today's topic is going to be about...boys! :-)

Let's talk about what to look for in a guy. The things I look for in a guy are really quite simple.

A Good Sense of Humor: I like a guy who is funny and will keep me laughing all night (without awkward moments).

Someone Who Makes Me Happy: I like a guy who adds value to my life and helps me become a better person. I think you should always ask yourself this question: "Do i feel happier in general as a person when I'm with him?" if the answer is yes, then he's a keeper! If you find yourself always crying or being upset, and angry for the majority of the time, then he's probably not for you.

Good Values: I also look for a guy that has the same values and beliefs as I do. That way, no matter what happens or comes between us, I know he will treat me with the highest level of respect. I don't like lazy guys! I like go-getters who will motivate me to be better in my life and my career.

In Shape Doesn't Hurt: As far as looks, i like guys that are taller than me and have a pretty fit body. I also like a guy that I can just kick it with without doing anything major and still have a great time. I love chilling at home, so I appreciate a guy that's comfortable being a homebody and who doesn't have to be out at the hottest events every single night. (I have to admit I'm also a sucker for light eyes!).

Remember that even though you may have certain qualities you wish a guy would have, nobody is perfect. Don't get caught up being too picky and risk losing someone that may be a great fit for you over something little and meaningless. Sometimes it's the guy that we least expect to like that we end up falling head over heels for!

And don't get too hung up if a guy you thought was the one doesn't work out. Dating and relationships are all about getting to know each other to see if you're even compatible. I can definitely remember sitting in my room many nights crying over a guy to find out later as time went by he was far from being the right one.

The most important thing you should look for in a guy is to see if he's capable of being your best friend. That way even if it doesn't work out for you as more than friends he will still respect you and treat you how you deserve to be treated.

Until next week, Jasminators! But before I go: Tell me what YOU look for in a guy! Let's chat!