Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: "3 Shoes I Must Have In My Closet"

Jasminators, we all know us girls can never have enough shoes in our closet. However, I'm going to talk about 3 shoes that I know I must have in my closet at all times. 

1. Havaiana Flipflops: My Brazilian havaianas are a must! Not only are they my must slippers for when I go get a pedi but they're shoes you can't go to the beach without it. In my closet, I have at least 4 pairs of Havaianas. They make them now in so many different cute colors. I must say this is probably one of the most comfortable shoes in my closet. They're so comfortable that one time when I was traveling I forgot to pack sneakers and I actually wore them to the gym! Even though I just did the bike with them, they still got me through my work out. Ladies these are a must have! Especially for Spring and Summer time.

2. Converse Sneakers: I absolutely love Converse shoes. I'm a Cali girl so I wear shorts year round. I love rocking cut off jean shorts with a cute tank top or sweater and pairing it off with some dope Converse low tops. I also love the hightops. I have a unique studded pair of black Converse that my stylist got for me that I will never get rid of. I've had it for 4 years now! Converse hightops are also cute if you're rocking leggings. I like wearing the colorful ones, they add so much flavor to your outfit. 

3. Beige Heels: Every girl must have a pair beige heels in her closet! It's a must. I like going to Shoe Dazzle for my heels. They have them in so many different colors and styles. I like wearing solid colors of heels. I don't like too much pattern. I usually can do up to 3-inch heels, anything past that is a little dangerous for me, hah! A nice pair beige heels can go with ANY outfit. I like rocking them with skinny jeans a tank and a blazer on top. That's always a nice classy everyday look. Beige heels are also great for white, pink or red dresses. To be honest they're cute with any dress color but maybe brown. I like to usually get a cute bag that has some hint of beige to match my beige heels. Beige pumps are also super classy and can go as a business attire look or even be rocked casually with jeans. 

I hope I gave you some cool tips on some new warm weather shoes. All of these shoes are inexpensive and not hard to find. Any major shoe store should carry them. The Havaianas may be a little hard to find, but you can always order them online :) Please send me your comments and questions for our next blog. Love y'all! And remember to get a great pedi often for the time. That's the key to having your shoes look great.