Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: "10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Into You"

Jasminators! This week's blog focuses on 10 ways to tell if a guy is into you. I hope this list helps you figure out if he's a keeper or just playing games. You can tell a guy likes you if he:

1. Calls/texts you all the time.

2. Always tries to make time to see you.

3. Isn't afraid to bring you around his friends.

4. Does cute and spontaneous things for you.

5. Will wait for you and won't rush you into anything.

6. Will tease you from time to time.

7. Will always give you hugs last.

8. Will go out of his way to do things you like, even if he's not necessarily into it.

9. Gets jealous when other guys like you, but in an innocent cute way.

10. Asks you to be his girlfriend. Obviously lol.