Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: "Beauty Products I Want for Christmas"

Hey everyone, welcome back to week two! Since Christmas is right around the corner, today's blog is going to be about the beauty products I want for Christmas!

Let's start with the eyes: On my Christmas wish list, I'm looking for a really good mascara that won't clump my eyelashes. At my last music video for my song "Paint A Smile" my make up artist Niecey used Covergirl Clump Crusher on my lashes and I loved it! The mascara made my lashes look so long! I would also love some cute eye colors to play around with. I love smoky eyes. In particular I just learned how to do a brown smoky eye so now i'm obsessed with that look. I like brown smoky eyes a little better than black, because it's not as dramatic and you can wear it during the day.

Fragrance: I also love trying on new perfumes. I usually stick to the same 3 bottles of perfume the whole year: Versace Bright Crystal, Creed Spring Flower and Issey Miyake for women. Every year I like to go out and try new fragrances. When it comes to perfume, take your time and try all different types of fragrances until you find one that mixes well with your body chemistry. It's good to go to the perfume counter every time you're in the mall and try on a new brand. Sometimes you really have to wear the perfume for a couple of hours to really see what it's going to smell like. A lot of the counters will also give you samples if you ask. That way you can try it on first and live with it a couple days before making a decision.

Body: I'm also obsessed with Kiehl's body butter. I was so upset because I was traveling to the Bay and I had a brand new bottle of the Kiehl's lotion but I forgot to check it in my luggage. As soon as I got to the airport security they took it from me! So i now need to restock :)

Lips: I also love trying on new lip glosses. As some of you know last Christmas I came out with a limited edition strawberry lip gloss line and it sold out! I'm thinking of making another lipgloss, that whole process was so much fun! Even though I have so many different colors and flavors of lipgloss I feel like I can never get enough.

Tools: I also want to get a new set of makeup brushes. People don't realize that it's not just the type of makeup you use but how you apply it that makes a big difference. Sephora makes good brushes. Another inexpensive brand is Sonya Kashuk. You can find it at Target (my go to store!). I'm learning all the different techniques with my makeup artist and there's so many little tricks I'm learning that I would never think about before. One great tip is to use a skinny slanted eye shadow brush to apply dark brown shadow to your bottom lids instead of using an eye liner. It last longer then eye liner and doesn't smudge as much.

Hair: This Christmas I'm also looking into buying some hair perfume. Pink Sugar by Aquolina smells pretty good and there's nothing better than having your hair smell fabulous!

Candles: I'm also completely obsessed with candles. Bath & Body Works has some nice flavors for the holidays. I'm a fan of their "Twisted Peppermint" and "Winter" flavors. I also love Yankee Candle's "Christmas Cookie" candle. When I'm on tour sometimes I get homesick. I like to carry candles with me so I can make my hotel rooms feel more like home. My manager and I also are always candle shopping in every city we go to LOL. We have competitions to see who finds the best new scent.

I hope you enjoyed going through my Christmas wish list! Pssst... a lot of these products make great stalking stuffers :) Please share with me what you want for Christmas and any products you're loving!