Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: "Top 5 Items To Take With You When You Travel"

Hey Jasminators, as you know your girl travels a lot. I'm always in a plane or hotel or different city especially during tour. I was reading one of the comments from a jasminator on my last blog and they suggested I do a blog on top items I take when I travel. Well here are my 5 items I never leave home without: 

1. iPod

Being on an airplane for a long period of time can make you be bored out of your mind. Or sometimes you may sit next to a crying baby or just a loud talker. Having your ipod can help you zone everyone out and make the time go by so much quicker! Just make sure you fully charge your ipod. Most planes won't have a plug for you to re-charge. I also like to make my playlists ahead of time so that I don't have to be searching for songs. 

2. Airplane Pillow 

My manager told me this tip a long time ago. The best way to make the time fly on an airplane is to sleep! However, I know it's hard for me to sleep without a pillow. You can get airplane pillows almost at any airport. They're usually around 20 dollars. Even though some planes provide you with pillows. Most of the time, they're really flat and flimsy. Brookstone also makes really good airplane pillows. They sell the foam kinds that adjust to your head :) Brookstone also has blankets, eye masks and a bunch of other flying aids that can help make your flight more comfortable. 

3. Toiletries 

Even though all the hotels provide you with shampoo, conditioner, soaps etc sometimes the quality is just not up to par with what you use at home. I always pack my own bag of toiletries. Inside is always a fresh dove bar and my favorite moisturizer. You can go to any drug store and get the mini shampoos and conditioners that way you don't have to pack big bottles that can easily break in your suitcase. Also, remember you have to check in almost all your toiletries. So don't forget to wrap all your toiletries in a zip lock bag and then you can get a nice large size makeup bag from Target and throw everything in there. Most hotels have a hair drier. However, its always nice to get the travel size mini driers just in case. Sunbeam makes a really cute small one that's really powerful. 

4. Candles

To me there's nothing more that can make a room super cozy than my favorite candle. I usually pack the little ones that aren't glass with me. However, my manager and I make it a tradition that every city we are in as soon as we get there we go candle shopping. My favorite kinds are Glade Vanilla and Bath and Body Works Cookie Batter. Just don't forget to blow out the candle before you go to bed. That's never safe to sleep with them lit. 

5. Beats Pill

I got a Beats Pill for Christmas and I'm in love with it. It's basically a mini bluetooth speaker that can connect to your phone, ipad or computer. It's pretty loud too. It's actually shaped like a pill! Most hotel rooms now a days have a ipod hookup but I really like to be able to play music off my phone or computer so the Beats Pill is perfect. It's also super light so it won't weigh down your luggage. You can get them at Best Buy or the Apple Store. They cost about 200 dollars but they're definitely worth it. 

Well I hope my travel tips help you guys when you start preparing for your summer vacations this year. Don't forget to leave me your comments and suggestions for future blogs!