Adriana de Moura: "5 Ways to Look Festive During the Holidays"

The holidays have arrived! Let's face it–we all want to look our best while enjoying gatherings with family and friends, not to mention attending the most lavish parties.

We all have our challenges when it comes to preparing for those holiday parties. Here in Miami we have zero cold weather–I always say we live in “perpetual summer." The temperature in Miami is typically in the 80s in December, which is usually a much more chilly month everywhere else. Therefore, dressing festively for warm weather has its pros and cons. 

I'm certainly not complaining but it is hard to feel and dress like it’s Christmas-time since we can’t necessarily really break out a nice sweater and sit by the fireplace. However, that won't stop us from being stylish! Here are the five ways I choose to dress in order to keep the festivities fashionable despite the warm weather here in Miami:

Use of Color: Red, green and gold are traditional holiday colors and they happen to be very trendy this year as well. Try the tone on tone approach to modernize it – You can even match your accessories with the same color; it is a new and fun way to wear these colors.

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