37 Latina Bloggers You Must Know in 2014!

From healthy living to raising our kids to saving money, the thriving community of Latina bloggers is an ever-growing group that is not afraid to speak up about the issues that matter to us. In the February 2014 social media issue of Latina magazine, we featured some of our favorites--including our own Irina Gonzalez's punto on this virtual familia. Check out our full list of the 37 Latina bloggers that you should be following in 2014!
Reporting by Elizabeth Elizalde.


1. irina

Irina Gonzalez, 27, Cuban
After losing 100 pounds, Irina transformed her eating habits in and out of the kitchen to create a healthy lifestyle with a Latin twist. Here, she shares her favorite recipes, healthy eating tips and how to keep the weight off.

2. bloggers yolanda machado

Yolanda Machado, 35, Peruvian ­ Mexican
Yolanda is the owner of Sassy Mama in L.A who blogs about food, family, technology and product reviews while treating herself to a nice glass of wine.

3. bloggers Joscelyn Ramos Campbell

Joscelyn Ramos Campbell: 33, Cuban and Puerto Rican
Joscelyn is thefounder of Mami of Multiples who blogs about her daily mommy activities of raising her sons while writing about her fashion and food adventures.

4. bloggers Sili M. Recio

Sili M. Recio, 38, Dominican
Sili considers herself Afro ­ Latina and is the Chief Executive of My Mamihood. She describes her blog as a haven for baby concerns, fashion and how-tos for everyday life.

5. bloggers Lisa Quinones-Fontanez

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, 38, Puerto Rican‹American
When Lisa¹s son was diagnosed with autism, she felt like she was falling down the rabbit hole. That¹s when she started her own Alice in Wonderland­themed blog tohelp spread Autism awareness by writing abouther struggles in raising her son.

6. bloggers Deborah Cruz

Deborah Cruz, 41, Mexican ­ American
Deborah is the founder of The Truth About Motherhood who lives in the Mid-West with her husband and two daughters. She describes herself as a proud Latina who started her blog to tell the truth about motherhood, now she uses it to tell the truth about everything.

7. bloggers Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell, 33, Cuban - American
Vanessa dedicates her blog to her children by documenting their memories and family history to educate them about their biracial background. This Latina mommy plans to continue this legacy to help other mothers deals with issues of cultural identity.

8. bloggers Alba Mayorga

Alba Mayorga, 24, Nicaraguan ­ Puerto Rican
Alba recently started her beauty blog and enjoys making videos in her spare time to provide beauty tutorials for all her subscribers. Check out her fun and chic make-up tutorials.

9. bloggers Lynnette Hernandez

Lynnette Hernandez, 33, Venezuelan
Lynnette is a fashion and beauty blogger from Dallas who covers upcoming trends of the season and she also loves to figure skate for fun. This style maeve archives her weekly fashion favorites and beauty tips for the everyday Latina.

10. bloggers Ruby Wright

Ruby Wright, 29, Mexican
Ruby¹s blog covers cultural identity by providing readers with parenting and lifestyle sectionswhere she writes about culture, health, parenting and bilingualism.

11. bloggers LeAura Luciano

LeAura Luciano, 31, Puerto Rican
As a proud Latina and native New Yorker, LeAura started her blog to share her travel experiences of beauty, fashion and technology. She covers all things lifestyle as a way to connect with a broad young audience of Latinas.

12. bloggers Kathy Cano ­ Murillo

Kathy Cano ­ Murillo, 48, Mexican - American
Award winning novelist Kathy Murillo practices her craft by providing DIY videos for home décor and everyday lifestyle tips.

13. bloggers Vianney Rodriguez

Vianney Rodriguez, 38, Mexican
Raised in Texas by Mexican parents, Vianney grew up inspired by both cultures.She shares her knowledge of Mexican cooking and her memories as a child.

14. bloggers Nicole Presley

Nicole Presley, 37, Mexican ­ American
Nicole is a Los Angeles native who highlights her scrumptious dishes and blogs about her obsession of cooking through her Mexican roots. She also includes recipes of hard to find Mexican tribal dishes.

15. bloggers Migdalia Rivera

Migdalia Rivera
Migdalia¹s mission is to work with an array of organizations to help and inspire other ³Latinalicious² readers to maintain an organized and peaceful life.

16. bloggers Yvette Marquez

Yvette Marquez, 41, Mexican ­ American
Yvette¹s blog began as an account of her cookbook-writing journey and has evolved into a place where Latinas are inspired by different recipes.

17. bloggers Carmen Melgoza

Carmen Melgoza, 33, Mexican
Carmen is a fitness coach who motivates Latinas to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

18. bloggers Morena Escardo

Morena Escardo, 32, and Morena Cuadra, 53, Peruvian
This mother ­ daughter duo writes about the ins and out of Peruvian cooking such as the history of each dish, basic ingredients and techniques they use.

19. bloggers Layla Pujols

Layla Pujols, Ecuadorian
The recipes Laylitas showcases on her blog are mainly inspired by the traditional dishes she grew up eating in Ecuador. But international delicacies from across Latin America can be found here too.

20. bloggers Mariette Rodriguez

Mariette Rodriguez, 33, Dominican
Mariette¹s blog focuses on women¹s daily struggles of staying fit and incorporates her own fitness success story to inspire her readers.

21. bloggers Lesley Tellez

Lesley Tellez, 35, Mexican ­ American
This proud Mexicana is passionateabout her food and culture. She travels often to Mexico and she posts on Mexican food and travel, with occasional forays into the diverse food cultures in Queens, New York.

22. bloggers Myrah Duque

Myrah Duque, 54, Dominican
Myrah¹s initiative is to save Latinas who love to shop by blogging about coupons and great deals.

23. bloggers Michelle Rivas

Michelle Rivas, 22, Mexican ­ American
Michelle loves writing about health, nutrition and disease prevention and strongly believes everyone should have the right tools to live a healthy lifestyle, especially Latinas.

24. bloggers Claudya Martinez

Claudya Martinez, 42, Mexican ­ American
Claudya is a dedicated mother, wife and blogger who uses her blog as a creative outlet to communicate about how motherhood changed her life.

25. bloggers Eva Smith

Eva Smith, Mexican ­ American
This lifestyle blog highlights technology trends, food, nonprofits, events, reviews and giveaways. Tech.Food.Life. also actively promotes and engages in activities that support the advancement of all women, entrepreneurship, education and new media.

26. bloggers Denise Cortes

Denise Cortes, 41, Mexican ­ American
One artist mama plus six kids equals one artful life indeed! Denise is a Chicana mom with a love of folkloric Mexican art and she¹s also a hardcore DIY enthusiast.

27. bloggers Alejandra Ramos

Alejandra Ramos, 31, Puerto Rican
Alejandra¹s two big passions in life are food and writing.She shares her culinary experiences, recipes and meals.

28. bloggers Carmen Ordonez

Carmen Ordonez, 29, Colombian
Carmen Ordonez is leading fashion, lifestyle and beauty expert, TV personality, spokesperson and founder behind Viva Fashion, whose blog features the latest in fashion on a budget, tips, and beauty how-tos.

29. bloggers Ericka Sanchez

Ericka Sanchez, 38, Mexican
Ericka¹s bilingual blog is about her experiences with good food, recipes and food products. She lives in Los Angeles, which she calls the mecca of international cuisine. She also has a toddler who LOVES to eat and will pass on my mother¹s advice to him to ³try everything once.

30. bloggers Johanna Torres

Johanna Torres, 46, Puerto Rican
Johanna¹s blog, written in Spanish, covers topics from beauty products to traveling. This Latina provides ideas on how to lead a spiritual and stress free life with her daily posts.

31. bloggers Cristina Ramirez

Cristina Ramirez, 41, Cuban
Cristina advocates for a healthy cycling lifestyle and depicts the story of her journey as wife, mother of two young boys, author, preschool teacher, and a successful triathlete.

32. bloggers Melissa Bailey

Melissa Bailey, 31, Dominican
Hungry Food Love was born out of Melissa¹s love for food. Here sheshares messages of love while learning more about food. Her mission is to raise money to help hungry kids in the Dominican Republic.

33. bloggers Maribel Marmol

Maribel Marmol, 30, Dominican ­ American
This sassy New Yorker is on a journey to find out what moves people to eat, how cultures shape relationships with food, and what they can do to improve the health of their communities.

34. bloggers Margo Porras

Margo Porras, 40, Mexican ­ American
Margo has struggled with obesity her whole life and now she documents her success story and her artistic ventures. She calls herself "Nate Berkus meets Charo at the Metropolitan Museum."

35. bloggers Elma DiPlaceres

Elma DiPlaceres, 44, Cuban ­ Colombian
I¹m a mother, wife and entrepreneur, first generation Latina, raised in the 70s in the South My experiences have made me who I am today, a well rounded person who¹s blessed with an amazing life.  Raised in the South, where the question that followed her was "what are you?", this mother and entrepreneur writes about being the best version of herself.

36. bloggers Divina Rodriguez

Divina Rodriguez, 31, Paraguayan
Divina¹s blog is a combination of being Latina by blood, American by birth, and opinionated by nature.