Bella Thorne on Being Latina - "A Lot of People Think I'm Lying!"

Bella Thorne, the 14-year-old Disney star, recently revealed to the Huffington Post that many people don't believe her when she announces her Latin roots.

"Everybody thinks I'm just Irish, it's ridiculous!," the young star said. "I'm like, 'No, I'm Cuban, and Italian and a little bit Irish' and a lot of people think I'm lying! They're like, 'stop lying, Bella.' My dad was the only one born in the U.S., out of six kids, all Cuban!" 

The young star is proud of her Latina background and adds that she'll be learning to speak Spanish, which was her first language. "I'm taking it this year, so I'll be learning it!"

And while the almost 15-year-old had wanted to plan a quinceanera, she admits it might not be in the cards.

"You know, I really wanted to do a quinceanera, but the problem is that we were traveling to Europe and to all of these places in Dubai and we never had the time to plan it. You really have to plan that like a year in advance, so we were going to start, but then we had to leave everywhere, so we didn't have time to do it."

We're happy this chica embraces her culture! What do you think of this young star?