What the Heck is "Latino" Lipstick?

Cosmetics can have funny names. From nail polish to lipstick shades, sometimes we wonder how they come up with the clever (and often pun-filled) names to describe the different colors. But this one has us scratching our heads: Rimmel London, a UK-based brand that has expanded into the U.S. market with their drugstore line, has a lipstick shade called "Latino." Yes, Latino.

We get that "Latino" has a bit of a different connotation in the UK than the U.S., but the name rings a bit strange for a few reasons: 1) The name is the only one out of the list that is specific to anything other than nonsense, and is also one of the only ones that doesn't specifically reference a color. (Other names in the collection include: pink star, dusty rose, and violet pop.) 2) Why not Latina instead of Latino? 

The shade is a coral/pink which doesn't really make one think "Latino" but I guess that's a good thing? I'm not sure. The whole thing is a bit silly. Would we be comfortable with a lipstick shade named Asian or something similar?

What do you think? Should Rimmel have renamed the shade? Share in the comments!

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