6 Ways Eyebrows Can Totally Change Your Face

Over-plucked, too bushy, too light, too dark—they say brows frame your face, but if yours contain any of the aforementioned issues, they could be framing yours all wrong. We rounded up some before and after photos of a few of our favorite Latinas to show you just how your arches can work for, or against you.

1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

“Demi Lovato’s 'before and afters’ are a great representation of the evolution of brow trends over time,” says Zoey Van Jones, one of the leading brow shaping artists in LA and owner of Zoey Van Jones Brow Studio. “There was a time when we wore our brows shorter, thinner, and with more taper in the front bridge, but the style that is most popular at the moment is to go for a fuller, more natural brow. Demi's ‘after’ look is more current and sophisticated due to this approach. The bridge (front part of the brow) is now a rectangular shape and the taper is in the tail of the brow after the arch, as it should be.  Meanwhile, the bridge should begin at the imaginary line which comes straight up from the center of the nostril (you can see the correct guidelines here) I suggest letting the brow grow out and using a tool like the ZVJ Brow Shaping Stencils to find your best shape!”

2. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

“Eva naturally has a strong brow bone and strong features, which generally look better with a fuller, softer brow,” says Jones. “Fuller brows can also help achieve a more youthful look, which you can see between the two photos. In the 'before,' you can see the brow is overly-shaped because the pitch (angle at which the bridge and tail meet) is too strong, which can make one look angry. Eva's 'after' look is much softer. Not only are her brows fuller, but the highlighting around the brow makes it pop and stand out. Anyone can achieve this by using a concealer or powder that is a shade or two lighter than their natural skin tone. Eva's 'after' brows are lightly filled in and her ends have been slightly extended—giving them some extra length.”

3. Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

“Whether it was an over-eager tweezer or the search for symmetry that led Naya astray, uneven eyebrows can add unwanted years to a person’s look,” says Jared Bailey, Benefit's Global Brow Spokesperson. “Full, even eyebrows bring balance to your face and youth back to back to your overall appearance, although they don’t always come easy. However, a girl can always learn to fake it!  Plump up any arch by using a brow fiber. Benefit Gimme Brow is a fiber gel that’s both buildable in color and texture and will bring boldness to any brow, pronto! Also, to create the illusion of a more lifted brow, try a few strokes of Benefit High Brow along the brow bone. The linen pink color blends to any skin tone and creates an instantly lifted look.”

4. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

“Tiny and barely-there is fine for your bikini—not your eyebrows,” says Bailey. “Emphasizing your brows’ natural arch is key to opening up the eye and getting maximum lift in your overall look. Try a custom brow tint to help add more oomph to your arch and simplify your routine. A deeper color can create more richness and depth to any brow. At Benefit, we recommend taking the brow one-to-two shades deeper than the base tone of your hair to make them naturally fuller and richer in color for weeks at a time. A Benefit Brow Tint is like waking up with makeup.

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

“Jessica's brows are thinner and flatter in shape in the ‘before’ picture and it’s clear that in the ‘after’ picture she has let them grow in and has naturally filled them in with a medium brown brow pencil,” says celebrity brow expert Tonya Crooks, who has worked on America Ferrera and Fergie. “The shape is now softer and enhances the natural shape of her brows. A chocolate brown brow pencil like The BrowGal in #3 is perfect for achieving a look like Jessica’s.”

6. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

“The brows are straighter and flatter on the top and the balance is a bit heavy on the front in the first picture,” says Crooks. “In the after, she has let them grow in and has filled them in with what appears to be a darker powder that matches her hair color a bit better. For Penelope, The BrowGal eyebrow pencil in #2 would work great for her. neuBROW is another great product pick for enhancing eyebrow growth that I always recommend.”