WATCH: How to Get Holiday Party Ready!

Here’s a helpful holiday gift: how-to videos on everything from creating a sexy easy updo to rocking sparkly red lips. Watch these and you’ll be out of your house in a flash, headed for your festive shindigs looking hotter than ever!

1. Flawless Skin

Stress, little sleep, and not enough water can make your complexion beyond blah, and a layer of concealer just isn’t enough to get you from dull to downright radiant! Luckily, skin specialist Joanna Vargas knows how to fake a flawless face. An hour before your big night out, do this at-home facial. It’s four easy steps, takes less than 30 minutes, and gives your complexion such an awesome glow that you may even skip the concealer completely!

2. Glittery Eye

Looking for a fun, fresh, dressed-up smoky eye that isn't the typical sooty blend? Celeb makeup artist Jackie Gomez shows us how to create a glittery bronze eye that's perfect for a big night out! Follow her steps and sparkle all night.

3. Sexy Red Lips

Here’s a way to up the sex-factor of your typical go-to red lip: Copy Selena Gomez’s bold crimson mouth—then, for a major head-turning effect—add a layer of red glitter on top. It’s surprisingly easy to do when you follow makeup artist Jackie Gomez’s simple steps.

4. Easy Updo

Think an updo has to take pro skills and tons of time? Not when you follow hair stylist Kattia Solano’s easy steps. You’ll see how to tease your hair (it’s wilder than you’d think), how to add volume at the top of your head, and the secret to making your bun full. Follow these little tricks and your simple bun becomes a red carpet-ready style in minutes.

5. Day to Night Makeup

Tis the non-stop party season when you put in a full day of work and errands, then hop from a company cocktail party to a gift exchange to a friend’s house party. And, chances are, you don’t have the time to completely re-do your makeup in between all those events! Luckily, makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor has a few simple steps to take your daytime makeup into a nighttime look in minutes. His suggestion: Go for Jessica Alba’s classic night-out look. Pump up your smoky eye, add bronzer, deepen your lip color, and you’re good to go!

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