5 Things to Know About Perfumes

One thing’s for sure, we Latinas love our perfumes! Whatever the occasion, we have our favorite fragrance to complete any outfit. We have our signature scent, our going-out scent, our just-for-work scent. So to figure out exactly how to buy, wear and store our favorite bottles, we asked the perfumers at Drom Fragrance house for their best tips.

1. Spritz, but Don’t Rub

Spritz, but Don’t Rub

When you spray the fragrance on your wrists, do not rub them together because you’ll disrupt the natural evaporation process of the fragrance, which can alter the scent. Let wrists dry naturally.

2. Try Your Man’s Cologne

Try Your Man’s Cologne

The distinction between male and female colognes is not so different. For centuries, men and women have worn the same perfumes, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

3. Wait Before You Buy

Wait Before You Buy

It’s very important when you’re searching for a perfume to keep the smelling strip that the vendor gives you. This way you can experience the all-life of the perfume and avoid a bad surprise after you buy it. For example, you can love the perfume when it is just sprayed, but because the scent changes over time, you can hate it after twenty minutes or even two hours. 

4. Keep It Cool

Keep it Cool

Always store bottles in a cool, dark place to preserve the scent. It’s crucial to keeping the top note extra potent and avoiding stability problems. Sometimes bathrooms are too warm and wet and perfumes can get damaged. A fun alternative? You can leave them in the fridge.

5. Try a Solid Perfume

Try a Solid Perfume

Using solid perfumes can be very sensual. They are not as diffusive as colognes are, but they entice people to coming closer. Put some on your pulse points such as behind your ears, on your wrists or your décolleté. You can also combine it with a regular alcohol-based perfume to personalize your fragrance.