Your Must-Have Memorial Day Beauty Gear!

With the sunny weather and the 3-day weekend ahead, we’re already making mental notes of all the beauty essentials we want on-hand. Here’s what we’ll be packing in our tote:

1.  Sunscreen stick. The last thing we want to do mid-day is reapply a goopy, white sunscreen on top of our makeup, but we are willing to swipe on a clear sunscreen stick. It’s as easy as putting on lip balm. Try Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defense Stick SPF 50,

2.  A refreshing, non-sticky lip treatment. On a hot day, lipstick feels too heavy, lip gloss too sticky. But a juicy balm? Just right. We love Duwop Iced Teas, $19,

3.  Rollerball fragrance. The same size as a Sharpie, a rollerball fragrance takes up barely any room in our bag and gives us a much-needed scent boost whenever and wherever we need it. Michael Kors Very Hollywood Rollerball, $18,, comes with a built-in lip gloss, too.

4.  Water mist. When the A/C dries us out or we’ve spent the day in the arid outdoors, spraying a fresh shot of cool, clean water all over our body perks us right up. We use Avene Thermal Spring Water, $16,

5.  Hair UV spray. Think of this as sunscreen for your hair. It stops our hair color from fading, guarantees we won’t burn our scalp, and gives our strands major hydration. Try Fekkai Beachcomber Leave-In Conditioner, $24,

6.  Bronzer. Our makeup plan this summer is to skip the foundation and powder entirely (it just melts or clumps anyway). Instead, we’ve been dusting on a generous dose of bronzer and happily realizing it’s all we need. We’re currently obsessed with Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Powder, $50,

7.  Sunglasses. Yes, they’re fun to wear, but they also protect our eyes (did you know that UV exposure causes cataracts?!) and help prevent crow’s feet lines from forming (derms tell us that squinting in the sunlight and UV exposure are the cause of those fine lines around our eyes). Check out Fred Flare Charlie Sunglasses, $12,