4 Ways to Keep Skin Glowing

The colder months ahead can be torturous for your complexion. Follow these tips from Dana Chasen Thomases, makeup artist and owner of Beauty Muse Bridal, to stay fresh-faced all season. 

1. Glow: Nars

Use Your Makeup

If your skin is looking lifeless, add a drop of Nars Illuminator into your foundation or moisturizer for an allover glow. Or, if you have an oily t-zone, apply the Nars Multiple in a “c” shape from the outside of your eye to the center of your cheekbone and pat into your skin to blend.


2. Glow: Foundation

Choose the Right Foundation

Women with dry skin should use liquid or cream foundations that contain oil. If you don't need a lot of coverage from your foundation you may like using a tinted moisturizer. However, it's important to understand that tinted moisturizer should not replace a regular moisturizer. The cosmetic term "tinted moisturizer" is really just code for "sheer foundation.” BB creams have also become popular lately and often contain good hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B.


3. Glow: Lotion

Treat Your Skin

The very definition of a dry skin type is that it produces very little oil, so using moisturizer to help balance your skin's natural dryness is essential. You should use a moisturizer that is intended for a dry skin type, usually a thicker cream instead of a lotion. Moisturizers or serums that contain hyaluronic acid, a humectant ingredient that helps skin retain moisturizer, can also be helpful. On dry skin types moisturizer should be applied all over the face, including the neck and décolletage.


4. Glow: Facial

Maintain Healthy Skin

If you notice your makeup beginning to flake chances are a build-up of dead skin is to blame. Incorporate an exfoliator into your weekly skin care routine and remember to moisturize daily. Getting a facial at least once a season also greatly improves your skin's ability to retain moisture. For a midday moisture boost you can carry a travel sized hydrating toner, like Epicuren's colostrum hydrating mist. A  few spritzes will help dry skin stay calm and hydrated.