Waxing for Sensitive Skin

For skin that reacts negatively to hair removal with traditional forms of wax—by, say, getting red, irritated or bumpy—there is hope in the form of natural waxes. The natural wax used at Uni.K.Wax Center is a supple pinesap and beeswax concoction that’s gentler on skin. The Uni.K.Wax Center (unikwax.com for locations) is a unique waxing-only salon devoted to treating the temple that is your body with the utmost respect. The rooms are brightly lit and clean. The technicians only use enough wax for whatever service you’re getting—so basically you have your own personal pot of green wax, and your own personal popsicle stick for the smearing. The wax is not scalding hot; it is applied to the skin when it’s just above body temperature so as to avoid burning your sensitive parts. There are no strips of cloth used to remove the wax; once dry, a technician quickly peels it off to minimally painful results. And—quite possibly the best part—it is extremely affordable. You can get a bikini wax, full leg wax and underarm wax for just $63. A beautiful bargain, indeed.