Visible Tan Lines:<br>Hot or Not?

Sun-kissed and relaxed, you’re glowing from head to toe--the result of your latest blissful day at the beach. But like a certain star during her recent European jaunt, you've emerged with visible tan lines etched into the skin around your top. What to do?

According to Latina's Beauty Director, Angelique Serrano, cover them up with a waterproof foundation that matches your skin tone. Make Up For Ever makes a product called Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation ($34, which is a water-resistant, heavy duty foundation that lasts for hours. She also suggests using Guerlain Terracotta Spray ($57, or Dior Air Flash Foundation ($60, “This is a spray-on foundation,” says Serrano, “but if it matches your skin, I’d definitely spray some on over tan-lines.”

Or next time, do like Sienna Miller and tan in the buff.

Serena Kim