Top 10 Nail Trends for Spring

The spring is officially here and we want to make sure you're on top of the trends and look fabulous all season long. Fashion and make-up are important but you can't forget your nails! The major fashion shows are behind us, the winning nail looks have emerged, and we're here to fill you in.

Here are the top 10 spring nail colors and trends for this spring!

1. Nail Trend: Neon

Neons are a great spring and summertime staple for your nail polish collection. Kiss Me On My Tulips from OPI is a gorgeous color that's sure to stand out! Their Holland Collection for spring/summer 2012 is great all-around, but this polish is a must-have.

A bikini just looks better with bright pink nails, don't you think?

2. Celebrity Bling: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

When Saldana surprised fans in July with the news that she had secretly wed boyfriend, Marco Perego, the first thought on our mind was: Where's the ring?! The 35-year-old actress has worn her wedding band on the red carpet, but we never caught a glimpse at her shiny engagement ring until now. Perego apparently proposed to Saldana with a pear-shaped emerald which has two smaller diamonds on each side, a halo of diamonds which surrounds the emerald, and a thin band which also appears to have diamonds.

3. Nail Trend: Oranges

Oranges are everywhere this season, and it seems to be the brighter, the better! Sonya Kashuk in Tango Mango lets you stay on trend without venturing too far into neon territory, in case that's not your thing.

4. Nail Trend: Neutrals

Neutrals and flesh-toned nail polish colors give your nails a clean and classic look. 

Sometimes you need your nails to be understated, so we're happy to have polishes like Deborah Lippmann in Before He Cheats. This soft pink is barely there and lets you highlight other aspects of your style.

5. Nail Trend: Blues

Blues are beautiful in any shade, so they're constantly coming back in style.

To keep things bright for the spring and summer, Orly in Blue Collar is your best bet. It pulls double duty by also making sure you get in on the neon trend but because it's cooler than, say, a neon yellow or pink, even the less daring can rock it confidently.

6. Nail Trend: Glitter

Glitter makes everything better! It's a lesson we learn when making birthday cards and art projects in elementary school, but we seem to lose it somewhere between 4th grade and adulthood. 

Thankfully, this spring is bringing glitter back in a big way, and Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday will liven up any party.

7. Nail Trend: Purples

Purple is the color of royalty, and now it's the color that belongs on your nails. Fuchsia in particular is hot, but even a shade that's more magenta like Essie's Sure Shot will keep you looking like a queen.

8. Nail Trend: Ombre Nails

Ombre nails have been around for a while, but they're really starting to take off now. Here's a quick run-down of the two ways you can wear this trend.

To have the same ombre effect on each nail, start with your base color, like Orly's Star of Bombay. Use a makeup sponge halfway or a third of the way up the nail for your next color, like Orly's It's Up to Blue. You can then jazz it up by adding some glimmer with a polish like Shine on Crazy Diamond by Orly over the whole nail or just the top third.

You could also mix in some white nail polish with your favorite dark nail color so that each nail gets lighter. Add one drop of white for the first new color and up to four for your last color. Bonus tip: This is also a great way to create your own nail polish colors!

9. Nail Trend: Marbled Nails

Marbled nails are an easy way to give your nails some personality!

Add drops of two or more nail polish colors to a cup of warm water, alternating between colors. Drag a pin through to create a marbled effect and dip your nail into the cup. (There are a ton of helpful tutorials online!)

We think Butter London in Slapper and Trout Pout would create a really cute marbled effect.

10. Nail Trend: Patterns & Nail Art Pens

Let out your inner artist with patterns! Use nail art pens, like the kind from Sally Hansen, to create zigzags, shapes, lines, hearts, the sky's the limit!

The more talented among us have learned how to paint all sorts of cool designs using only nail polish, but nail art pens make it easier for the rest of us.