These Sheet Masks Will Keep Your Skin Flawless & Have You Halloween Ready

If you're planning on staying in this Halloween, give yourself a spooky spa treatment with the quirkiest sheet masks. These beauty masks are perfect to get you in the spooky spirit while keeping your skin care on point.   

From cats to Dia De Los Muertos inspired masks, we've rounded up some fun sheet masks that will save your skin and get you Halloween ready.  

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1. Sugar Skull

Celebrate Mexico's Dia Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), as you soak your face in essence enriched with collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E.

Sun Smile - Pure Smile Nightmare Art Mask (Sugar Skull), $12,

2. Puggin' It

Wrinkle-free anyone? This cute pug inspired sheet mask firms your skin and keeps those fine lines away. 

Holika Holika Anti-Wrinkle Pug Sheet Mask (5 Sheet), $15,

3. Panda, Panda, Panda

Suffering from some serious dry skin? Get the mask party started with this Lavender based mask which will provide intensive hydration. Thank us later, chicas! 

Pretty Animalz by Look Beauty™ Panda Calming Facials Sheet Mask - 1 ct, $4,

4. Watermelon Girl

With watermelon fruit extract, this beauty buy soothes stressed skin and replenish moisture.

Skin79 Fruit Mask - Watermelon Girl, $3,

5. Lusty Lace

Not only is this sheet mask gorgeous, it's anti-aging properties are everything you could ask for! Ingredients include Korean red pine which helps improve skin contour to tremella mushroom which helps hydrate, firm, and plump the skin and more. Create a natural facelift by pulling the mask secured on the face to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles whilst strengthening and tightening.

Starskin Lifting Lace Sculpting V-Shape Compression Mask - Sculpting Lace, $12,

6. Outrageous Otter

Infused with coconut water, this product will add moisture while improving your skin's softness. 

Otter Aqua Character Printed Mask,10 Count $14,

7. Vamppy Vibes

Suitable for all skin types, this multi-purpose mask is perfect for those lazy days. The vampire-inspired mask targets removing makeup and hydrating the skin. It's milky texture effectively removes any residue left on the face.

​​​​​​CELLPIUM Vampire Multi-Cleansing Mask 5 Sheets, $16,

8. Silk Skeleton

Nothing says Happy Halloween more than a skeleton face mask. Rock this black and white sheet mask infused with rich ingredients to promote healthy skin. 

ISSHINDO Skeleton Face Pack Mask 1 Sheet, $5,

9. 24 Karat Magic

Take your skin to the next level as this gem brightens, moisturizes, and smoothes your pores. 

Intracell 24K Gold Therapy Mask, $3,

10. Meow Mask

Feeling a little sassy and catty? Destress for 15-20 minutes with this cute sheet mask. Plus, the marine collagen ingredients are a must-have for all skin types. 

Berrisom Animal Mask - Collagen, $3,