14 Thanksgiving-Inspired Nail Art Designs

Turkeys, Pilgrims, and fall foliage looks a whole lot cooler when it's on your nails.

1. 1

Cornucopias make everything better.

2. 2

Doesn't get much cuter than smiling acorns.

3. 3

All you need is 5 colors and a nail art pen to pull this mani off.

4. 4

Thanksgiving with a side of sparkle.

5. 5

Probably the prettiest tree we've ever seen on a finger.

6. 6

This one is sure to get A LOT of likes on Instagram.

7. 7

The best part about glitter nails is if one chips you can just paint more glitter on to fix it.

8. 8

Leaves + embellishments = 100% awesome.

9. 9

50 shades of chevron.

10. 10

These Charlie Brown Thanksgiving-inspired nails are everything.

11. 11

A great way to reuse that bright poppy orange you wore all.summer.long.

12. 12

Autumnal chic.

13. 13

All you really need is one accent nail.

14. 14

Celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi just won Thanksgiving with this nail art how-to:

Step 1: Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat
Step 2: Apply JINsoon Nostalgia
Step 3: On 3 fingers draw the shapes of leaves using JINsoon Tea Rose, Poppy Blue and Pop Orange
Step 4: With the thin brush, draw the stem first, and then do quick strokes on each side of the stem at slight diagonals using JINsoon Nocturne
Step 5: To finish the look, apply a top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss

All products available at jinsoon.com