Sneak Peek: Polo Hottie Nacho Figueras' Family at Home in Argentina!

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of polo, you probably recognize Argentine Polo player Nacho Figueras thanks to his sexy Ralph Lauren ads. Now you can get a peek at his ridiculously gorgeous family and perfect life as part of the Romance fragrance campaign. Check out these amazing behind-the-scenes images of the ad, all taken by photographer Bruce Weber.

1. Nacho Figueras: Wife

Ralph Lauren wanted to depict a real-life in-love couple, and felt that Nacho and his wife Delfi were perfect for the part (I’m guessing it helps that they look like supermodels). So how’d the two meet?  "I was at a polo match in Argentina. I saw Delfi walking to take her seat, and it was love at first sight – an instant connection,” Nacho says. In this photo, Nacho and Delfi sit in the window of the chapel where they married.

2. Nacho Figueras: Family

Nacho, his wife Delfi, and their three adorable children, Hilario, Aurora, and Artemio, pose for a family portrait in a horse-drawn carriage.

3. Nacho Figueras: Buenos Aires

The photo shoot took place at Delfi’s family’s estate, La Concepion, in Buenos Aires.

4. Ralph Lauren Video

At the launch event, Delfi teared up when she watched this video. It is beyond beautiful, and I’d guess that most of us watching a mini-movie of our love and family would too.

Ralph Lauren Romance Presents: "A Love Story" from Ralph Lauren Romance on Vimeo.

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