How to Have Gorgeous Skin At Every Age

Are you using the same moisturizer you've sworn by since your quinceañera? It's time for an upgrade woman! As you get older your skin changes and so should your products. Here's how to find the right regime to keep you bright and beautiful in every decade. 

1. In Your 20s

What’s Happening: Those family vacays to la isla might be catching up with you. FYI: Sun damage usually appears years after the fact, so you might start to see pesky fine lines and manchas cropping up now.

To Do: NYC cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank suggests skin-brightening products with Vitamin C and glycolic or lactic acid to help even out your skin tone. And sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is a must. Tip: A homemade mask of equal parts papaya, lemon juice, and honey can improve cell turnover and clear out pores. Mix it up in a blender and leave on for five minutes.

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2. In Your 30s

What’s Happening: This is crunch time because your collagen levels are falling fast! Collagen is what gives you those plumped-up baby face cheeks, so without it your face might look more hollow, and crow’s feet might appear more pronounced. Let’s just say you ain’t getting carded like you used to.

To Do: Florida-based dermatologist Dr. Bertha Baum recommends retinol creams at night and creams with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants for day. Hyaluronic acid is primo for locking in hydration, moisturizing 1,000 times its weight in water.

Tip: Apply moisturizer right after the shower while your skin is still wet to lock in hydration.

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3. In Your 40s

What’s happening: Now your hormone levels are starting to dip (we know, what next?!) so your skin might look drier and duller, and more deeply wrinkled. Oh, and your neck and chest areas (dead giveaways for your actual age) can start to look crinkly to boot.

To Do: Dr. Baum says don’t worry, you just have to get a little aggressive with your skin care. She likes products with anti-aging peptides to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin, as well as alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids to lighten age spots.

Tip: Avoid harsh scrubs which can irritate— and even lead to—sensitive skin.
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