5 Simple Steps to Repair Your Nails Because Cracks Aren't Cute

Get your nails in tip-top shape just in time for fall’s bold polish shades. See how easy it can be with these quick tips. 

1. Nail Oil

Nail Oil

If your nails are peeling, there’s a good chance it’s due to a lack of hydration. Using an oil in the morning and right before bed can help. Just work it into your skincare routine so you’ll always remember. And don’t forget to swipe some onto your toenails as well.

CND Solar Oil, $17, amazon.com

2. Hand Cream

Hand Cream

Say goodbye to dry cuticles. You’re probably already slathering on moisturizing hand lotion so why not use one that keeps your cuticles in good shape?

Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream, $14.50, amazon.com

3. Getting Regular Manicures

Getting Regular Manicures

Just like you get routine trims to keep your ends looking great, scheduling in manicures will give your nails that extra boost they need to maintain their appearance. A professional will know exactly what your nails need and can offer tips where needed.

4. Double-Duty Polish

Double-Duty Polish

Caring for your nails doesn’t have to mean adding extra steps. Instead, when choosing a polish go for one that has added benefits, like strengthening.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ME Nail Polish, $14, amazon.com

5. Skip the Acetone Polish

Skip the Acetone Polish

Yes, it removes polish in an instant, but pure acetone can drain the hydration from nails just as quickly. If brittle nails are an issue for you, reach for an acetone-free formula instead.

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