Shakira Launches New Scent

Shakira recently launched a new perfume that’s a bit softer and more feminine than the singer’s past scents. The S Eau Florale perfume by the 34-year-old Colombian singer is a combination of jasmine, wild fruits, musk, and vanilla. Shaki already has two scents under her beauty belt—S by Shakira and Amuleto.

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The singer was intrigued by the possibilities of expressing her emotions through scent after creating her first perfume. In an interview with Mexican newspaper El Universal, the singer explained how making perfume is akin to composing a song.

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“Certain combinations of chords inspire specific feelings in those who hear it,” Shakira said. “The degree to which I have gone into the fascinating world of perfumery, I would love to push this idea further and the result was this new fragrance.” The bottle of ‘S’ maintains its original shape and will sell between $17 and $35.