Exclusive: Selena Gomez Chats About Her New Fragrance!

Selena Gomez Fragrance

Selena Gomez is going where many, many other celebrities have gone before: the fragrance aisle! She’s releasing a new perfume set to hit Macys in mid-may. While the original name was “kissable”, it’s now just a namesake fragrance with notes of orange and vanilla.

We caught up with Selena to get the inside scoop on her new perfume.

What inspired the fragrance? Why'd you choose now to launch?

"Being able to express myself in a fragrance is something that is extremely important to me… especially because I am able to go on this exciting venture with my fans. My fans are everything to me, and at this time in my career and in my life, I am able to share something with them that shows my passion for what I believe in. I wanted to make a scent that my fans know is mine, something exciting and delicious!"

How involved were you in the process? What inspired you? 

"I’m really involved in every step — from the design of the bottle, to the scent, to the ad campaign. I’m not just lending my name to a product, I am behind it 100%. It’s really important that my fans understand me and who I am as a person."

How would you describe your fragrance?

"I wanted to create a fragrance that’s romantic, rich, and sweet. Something that I can enjoy. Something that my fans can enjoy. The scent opens with orange, pineapple, peach and raspberry followed by supporting notes of purple freesia, cosmone musk and dewberry. The fragrance is balanced off by the delectable scents of amber, vanilla, chocolate and coconut."

What was the coolest part of this launch?

"The involvement of my fans. Who better than to give input into the scent than everyone who will be wearing it? We flew out ten winners to New York to go through the final three mixes of the fragrance and we all gave our notes on each scent and then voted on the final product that we have now."

What are your favorite scents?

"I have over 10 scents. They range from Heavenly by Victoria's Secret to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. What scent I wear just depends on my mood."

Choose one word that describes how you want someone to feel when wearing this fragrance?


We wonder if this is the start of a new fragrance empire? (Watch your back, J.Lo!)

Tell us: Will you be buying Selenita’s perfume? What’s your favorite scent?