As Seen on TV

Who doesn’t love a good informercial, huh? C’mon! The George Foreman Grill, The Magic Bullet, the Ped Egg, they’re all amazing! Telebrand’s Ped Egg is actually quite a success story, it being a good product and all. The mirco files on the plastic “egg” make smoothing callused feet easy, and the packaging is just so darn cute.

So, of course, there’s a follow-up: Heel Tastic, a new Intensive Heel Therapy balm ($10, drugstores nationwide). The salve comes in the form of a stick and boasts the inclusion of Neem and Karanja oils, plus three different kinds of waxes, all of which make up a soothing balm that is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. One slide over your cracked skin and you’ll be hooked, line and sinker.