Scent of Stardom: Sexy New Fragrances by Antonio and Mariah

The fragrance industry has long understood this basic truth: sex sells. And by now, it’s apparent that Latin stars have cornered the market in sexiness. Consider the not-so-modest commercial that Christina Aguilera filmed last fall for her self-titled scent; in it, she drops her satin robe to reveal a perfectly toned back etched with the same floral pattern from the bottle bearing her name. Even hotter? Eva Mendes flashing her breast in an ad for the latest Calvin Klein fragrance, Secret Obsession. The television spot was so sultry, the U.K. banned it from its airwaves!

Two Latin stars are readying their fragrances for the marketplace as we speak, and their sexiness might just rival that of Eva and Christina. As Mariah Carey already proved with her first scent, M by Mariah Carey, she's rarely embarrassed to jump into her birthday suit. We can't wait to see how she turns up the heat to sell Luscious Pink, her second fragrance with Elizabeth Arden, which Women’s Wear Daily reports will hit U.S. stores in August. Described by its makers as "a floral melody as enveloping as Mariah's voice," Luscious Pink bears traces of Tahitian Tiare petals, creamy sandalwood and white musk, and the bottle features--what else?--a delicate pink butterfly, clearly inspired by the bottle design of Marc Jacobs' hit fragrance, Daisy.

Antonio Banderas may not have the prodigious cleavage or curvy bodies of his female competitors, but he still has sexiness to spare. The Spaniard's first scent, Blue Seduction for Men, was so popular that it ranked top ten in mass fragrance stores, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Banderas' new spin-off, Blue Seduction for Women, "is much more feminine, but still captures the aquatic freshness of the men's," says Puig Beauty USA, which is developing the fragrance with Banderas. Blue Seduction will hit stores this September and is expected to fetch $25 million in its first year. Ahhh, the sweet smell of success.

—Serena Kim