Paulina Rubio Announces New Fragrance, Entire World Rejoices

The list of celebrities marketing their own perfumes just got a little bit longer. Singer Paulina Rubio plans to release ORO by Paulina Rubio in March ’09. The undoubtedly groundbreaking fragrance is described as “an elegant floral oriental array of sparkling citrus that is awakened by hints of espresso bean and peppered floras, while being sweetened by a touch of vanilla.” We think that’s just a fancy (albeit confusing) way to say you’ll be thanking the heavens for finally making it possible for you to smell this famous.

Paulina says: “This fragrance is for women like me who believe in themselves; are strong, fun and unpredictable, yet tender and loving. I put so much creativity and love into this fragrance, I feel as if a drop of me is in each and every bottle to be shared with my fans and all women.”

We smell ya, Paulina. How sweet it is.