Our 10 Most Metrosexual Latinos!

A recent study by Univision found that Latino men use styling products, moisturizer, and fragrance twice as much as other men. Not to mention the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s recent report that male breast reduction is now one of the 5 most popular cosmetic procedures. But these findings are probably obvious to you: our men have always been into manscaping. Just ask Enrique Ramirez, self-described guy-brow expert and founder of Face to Face NYC. Here are our top 10 most impeccably groomed men:

1. Metrosexuals: Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias has perfected the optimal amount of facial stubble for that sexy rugged-yet-clean look, clearly knows how to wield the styling gel for a cool, tousled hairstyle, and cared enough to get the mole near his nose removed.

2. Metrosexuals: Romeo from Aventura

"Besides meticulously shaping his moustache and soul patch, Romeo Santos has groomed his brows into perfect, masculine-looking arches," says Ramirez.

3. Metrosexuals: Mario Lopez

Although we’ll never fully forget the mullet Mario Lopez sported in Saved by the Bell, he is now flawless from head to toe. “The dude always has perfect skin, a perfect chin and perfect slicked back hair. He’s the envy of all men,” says Ramirez.

4. Metrosexuals: Don Omar

Clearly Don Omar has some super thick eyebrows, but he’d never let them get into unibrow territory; the singer keeps them tweezed and smooth. He also keeps his hair juuust right, his skin clear, and his suits spiffy.

5. Metrosexuals: Antonio Banderas

Despite being 50, Antonio Banderas hasn’t let up in the grooming department. He’s as clean-shaven as ever, with a full head of hair that’s meticulously gelled back.

6. Metrosexuals: Rodrigo Santoro

Smooth, radiant skin, a sexy haircut and stylish fashion sense (check out that fabulous scarf!) make Rodrigo Santoro a shoe-in for this metrosexual list.

7. Metrosexuals: William Levy

William Levy is the best Cuban thing since mojitos!” Ramirez exclaims. He makes sure to highlight his best assets: clean-shaven, chiseled jawline, soft lips, beautiful brows, and a flashy blue suit to show off his eyes.

8. Metrosexuals: Alex Rodriguez

This slugger has all his bases covered. Alex Rodriguez keeps his skin clear and stubble-free (on his face and chest!), his brows groomed, even his nails impeccably manicured.

9. Metrosexuals: Pitbull

Yes, his head is shaved and smooth, his eyebrows combed, and his facial hair carefully trimmed, but what really puts him at the top of this list: the man is wearing an ascot. Could Pitbull look more dapper?!

10. Metrosexuals: Bruno Mars

He’s got the skinny tie, the matching pocket square, and a retro hair style. Bruno Mars is definitely high-fashion!

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