The Nuance Beauty Products Salma Loves Most

Salma Hayek’s new beauty collection, Nuance, consists of 100 different products, including a walnut body scrub, a flake-free mascara, a rose-scented hydrating balm, an eye serum, a curl cream, we could go on and on—as can Salma. Although the gorgeous star says she truly loves everything in the line and is careful not to choose favorites, there are a few she can’t stop talking about.

Here’s what she loves about them:  

Wild Lime Exfoliating Facial Gel, $9.99. “I’m in love with this product. It’s so gentle that I can leave it on my face all night.”

Prickly Pear Hydrating Body Cleansing Gel, $7.99. “I use this in the shower in the morning. The shower is the one place where I can have a moment to myself, and the scent of this body wash says ‘yes, you can do it. You can get through today.' It gives you the chance to celebrate yourself first thing in the morning.’”

Natural Look Brow Liner, $9.99. “I’m inspired by Frida Kahlo’s bold brows. This pencil is so thin. I love it!”

Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil, $14.99. “If you don’t have time to apply body lotion after your shower, just spray this on. It’s so easy, and it smells like vacation to me.”

AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream, $19.99. “If you only buy one product, make it this one. The Tepezcohuite [a tree native to Mexico; the Mayans used the bark extract to heal their skin] extract in the formula is amazing.”

Raw Honey Color Protect Shampoo, $7.99. “This comes straight from my grandmother’s homemade recipe. I had just a tiny bit left, and gave it to the chemists to recreate it for the line.”