Narciso Rodriguez To Launch New Fragrance

Celebrated designer Narcisco Rodriguez is venturing back into the fragrance business with the March ’09 release of Essence, a flowery scent for women. Rodriguez tells WWD, “I wanted to create something that reflected the house, but something fresh and new.”

The designer’s first foray into fragrance began in fall ’03 with an eau de toilette called For Her, and in 2007 he followed that up with For Him.

Rodriguez insists the difference between his perfumes for women is like day and night. “Essence is very sexy but has that crisp, clean, pure quality of sunlight. It’s a bit of a collage — the iris, rose and amber that I love — and how you can layer these things over the musk and create that feeling of joy,” Rodriguez says. “It’s about a different facet of a woman. Essence is quite pure, fresh and sexy, where For Her is more seductive. This is a clean take on that same girl.”

If Essence smells anywhere near as pretty as his clothes look, we’re sure you can’t wait to give it a whiff. It’ll be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue for seven months starting March 1, and will then move into specialty stores in fall ’09.