Nail Trend: Ombre Nails! One Look, Two Ways

Ombre nails have been seen all over the red carpet lately, and the trend factor doesn’t seem to be waning. The look basically centers on a progression of colors in the same color family. The French word ombre means“shaded”, and in fashion it’s when one shade of a color slowly morphs into another. Are you ready to rock the trend? Check out these two tutorials:

Lauren Conrad Ombre Nail Trend

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Tutorial 1: The Easy Way

The easiest way to get the look is to paint each nail a slightly different color, going from light to dark. This look has been a favorite of celebrities, like Lauren Conrad.  

You’ll need:

-       Five polishes in the same color family, going from light to dark

-       A base coat

-       A top coat

Use a base coat and let dry. Starting from your pinky, paint each nail, using a darker shade on each nail. Let dry. Finish with a top coat. (We love Sally Hansen’s insta-dri anti-chip top coat. Hey, this mani needs to last!)

Black Ombre Nails

Tutorial 2: The Slightly More Difficult Way

This version involves creating a gradient on each individual nail.

You’ll need:

-       White nail polish (we like OPI’s “Alpine Snow”)

-       Three polishes in the same color family, going from light to dark

-       Nail polish remover and a small brush, such as an eyeliner brush

-       A base coat

-       A top coat

-       A makeup sponge (important!)

Use a base coat. Let dry. Start with a fresh coat of white polish, to create a solid base color. Next, on one side of the makeup sponge, paint a small stripe of the lightest color, followed by the slightly darkercolor, followed by the darkest color. (It’ll look like a mini-nailpolish flag!) Quickly place the sponge, paint side down, onto your nail. The lightest color should be the nearest to your cuticle. Roll back and forth to transfer the pattern onto your nails. Remove. (It gets a bit messy, but don’t worry, we’ll clean it up in a bit.)

Continue applying new polish to the sponge and applying to your nails until all nails are done. Let dry! After, dip your small brush into nail polish remover and work around the nail, removing all excess polish. Finally, top with a top coat. (Don’t let all that work be for nothing!)

What do you think? Will you be trying this trend out?