Nail Idea: Leopard Print Nails

You don’t have to be a cast member of The Jersey Shore to enjoy leopard print. For a subtle brush with your wild side, try wearing the pattern on your nails. The fun part is that you don’t have to stick with neutral browns and tan. This works with as many or as few colors as you want. Here’s how we did it:

What you’ll need: 

- A base nail color. We like OPI Nail Lacquer in Let Them Eat Rice Cake

- Your favorite white polish for "spots."

- Black polish 

- A dotting nail tool

- Piece of cardboard

- Top coat

Step One:

Start by applying two coats of your base color. Let dry.

Step Two:

Use your second color to create imperfect circles all over nails. These are your “spots.”

Step Three:

Pour black polish onto the cardboard. Using your dotting tool, outline the circles you’ve just created with uneven lines. The trick is to make them incomplete, outlining only two-thirds or half of the shape.

Step Four:

Finish with a top coat and you’re all set.