6 Mexican Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

From Salma Hayek to Selena Gomez, Mexicanas are known for their gorgeous hair and flawless skin. We chatted up our Mexicana hermanas (and abuelitas) to discover their tried and true secrets: 

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1. Tepezcohuite Tree

Que es eso?! One of the biggest beauty secrets in Mexico is the extract this tree produces. Mexicans discovered that it helps with wrinkles, eczema, scars, acne, psoriasis and stretch marks, because it regenerates skin. Salma Hayek’s brand Nuance just so happens to be the only brand in the U.S.A. that uses Tepezcohuite. No wonder she looks so hot — at 49 years young!

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2. Agave

This potent plant was revered by the Aztecs for healing wounds from the sun.  Because it has natural amino sugars, it's great for moisturizing and repairing both hair and skin.

You can dab a little agave nectar on lips and pat it under eyes to smooth away lines and moisturize, or you can create a hair mask with agave and egg.


3. Jalapeño & Tequila

While this may sound like the base for a killer spicy margarita, jalapeños soaked in tequila are actually amazing for your pelo!

The blue agave in the tequila will help lock in moisture to prevent your scalp from drying, and the jalapeño will increase circulation for hair growth.  Soak the peppers in the tequila for a few days, then apply the boozy mixture 15 minutes before you plan to wash your hair. Wash it out, and let your locks flow!

PSA: Be sure to use gloves since jalapeños are H-O-T. Also, be careful to avoid contact with your face and eyes. Spot test before trying. 

4. Brown Sugar

Exfoliating is essential to any beauty routine. We like to keep a jar of brown or white sugar handy in the bathroom for this purpose.  Brown sugar has smaller (and softer) granules than sea salts, so they're gentler on skin.  So mix a teaspoon with your face or body wash to scrub away dead skin for brighter, younger looking skin. If you aren’t convinced yet, it also contains glycolic acid, which has properties that keep skin healthy and flawless!

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5. Avocado

Everyone loves a good guacamole. But aside from being a key ingredient to a healthy diet, avocados are also essential for great skin and hair. The antioxidants, amino acids and proteins in this multi-purpose fruit will detox all the harmful environmental factors you deal with daily. You can drink it, use it as an oil, sunscreen or even as a mask! 

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6. Dark Chocolate

Que rico! Eating chocolate is secretly helping your skin because of all the vitamins, iron, and calcium it contains. Mix some melted dark chocolate and use it as a face mask.  It’ll help detoxify your skin from environmental factors! For repairing dry skin and lips, choose a chocolate that contains jojoba oil, and create a scrub out of it by mixing it with brown sugar, cocoa powder, olive oil and vanilla. The mixture will moisturize the skin and leave it silky smooth.