Celebrate Valentine's Day With These Latinx Heart Candy Bath Bombs!

Before the winter blues start to kick in and Valentine's Day is upon us, a Latinx brand, Loquita Bath & Body is here to remind us to add a little self-love to our beauty routine. 

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Feeling a little off? Instead of rushing through your nightly shower, try running a bath and using a bath bomb as you relax with the nice read from your favorite Latinx author. When you take moments to recharge it makes all the difference in the world, and that's why the brand was founded. 

Fierce entrepreneur, Yamira began making the organic hand-made bath bombs to cope with her bipolar mania. Suffering from anxiety, she was empowered to design an item which brought her peace and helped others. Inspired by her Mexican culture, the 24-year-old starting making an array of soaps featuring Latinx pride. 

From flan bath bombs to Bruja inspired soaps, this Latina is ready to help you celebrate Valentine's Days in a sweet way. Just in time for the perfect Galentine treat for yourself or an amiga or amigo, the soaps drop next Friday, Jan. 19th. It will feature those pictured below with your own loquita candy box and the rest of our Valentine's collection. 


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Be sure to mark your calendars because these products are known for selling out within hours. The online boutique also sells bath dust, body butter, hair products, face oils and more here

Which heart candy would you get for yourself? Let us know if the comments below.