Jennifer Lopez's Sweet Smell of Success

If you love Jennifer Lopez and heavenly-smelling scents, no doubt you've already amassed a collection of crystal bottles bearing J.Lo-endorsed fragrances: Glow, First Love, Live Lux, Still, Deseo...there are more, but sheesh! We've lost count.

Now, Jennifer's got a new fragrance to tout--and she did just that this week for nearly 2,000 adoring fans at Macy's Herald Square in NYC--but it's not for us, chicas. The star just launched Deseo for Men, her first masculine fragrance, and don't think she didn't check in with her esposo Marc Anthony for input!

"We're always creative partners," Lopez told at the launch. "At first we wanted to go with notes like tobacco and whiskey because we wanted it to be very masculine--we were like, does this sound crazy?" Whiskey didn't make the final cut, but tobacco leaves did, along with notes like yuzu, cedar leaf and guaiacwood. The effect is a scent that's rich, woody and definitely man-made.

We asked Jennifer whether Marc was really a cologne-wearing kind of guy before their relationship, and she had this to say: "He did wear a little bit at first--like, very light--and then I told him, 'I like for you to smell really good! I like cologne.' So now he wears more."

Though Jennifer has been on a pretty grueling schedule recently--from fashion shows in New York and Milan to concerts in Greece and even a triathlon in Malibu!--she insisted that Max and Emme are at the center of her attention. "Even though everybody's concentrating on the things I do that are kind of loud, most of my days are spent taking care of the babies. It's challenging, but it's great actually--they come first, and everything else comes after that."

Everything else doesn't just include fragrances and promo appearances. Jennifer also revealed that she's already back in the studio, at work on 2-3 new songs for an English-language greatest hits album, which she's aiming to release at the end of 2008 or early 2009. She's also going to try her hand at a Spanish-language followup to Como Ama Una Mujer, which sold well internationally but underperformed in the States. "I really have an itch for that," the star admitted. You know when Jennifer Lopez has an itch to do anything, she'll make it happen.