How To: Give Yourself a Manicure

It’s great to know how to give yourself a manicure in case you don’t have the time to visit a nail salon or if you are on a tight budget. Sandra Mariscal, Latina's beauty assistant, paid a visit to Marianna Mejia, a nail technician at Haven Nail Spa to get the 411 on this tried and true beauty regimen. Here’s a brief synopsis of what you’ll learn in our video:



  1. First wash your hands thoroughly.

  2. Choose your nail color.

  3. Remove your old nail polish.

  4. File your nails into your desired shape. Remember to only file in one direction.

  5. Cuticle care: clip hangnails and push back cuticles.

  6. If you are not doing color, buff your nails to a high shine with a chamois.

  7. Apply basecoat for strength and protection of your nail bed.

  8. Apply nail color. Start with the outer edges and work your way into the middle.

  9. Apply a top coat of the same color.

  10. Finish off with a coat of quick dry, which can dramatically cut your drying time.

It takes practice, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough!

Serena Kim