How To Create The Reverse French Manicure

Give your fingers a glam touch with the chic and elegant reverse French mani. We love that it looks super-fancy but is surprisingly simple to do.

Here are our tips inspired by the nail art at Pamela Love’s spring show.

1. Start by cleaning your nails with polish remover to get rid of any natural oils, then apply a base coat.

2. Choose two colors making sure that one is significantly darker. We love using an almost-black navy with a slate gray. (Try Essie’s Bobbing for Bauble’s with Nars Opaque Nail Polishin Galion.)

3. Swipe two coats of the dark color on each nail.

4. Once the polish has completely dried, use two pieces of scotch tape to make an upside down "V" from the bottom corners near the cuticles and ending halfway up your nail. This will act as a stencil so you get clean, even edges.

5. With two coats of the lighter shade, fill in the "V" and let dry before removing tape.

6. Finish with a top coat to avoid chipping.

Pamela Love Spring 2012 Nails