Cute & Chic Holiday Nail Art You’ll Want to Flaunt All Year Long

The holidays are the perfect time to get your nails all decked out! Here are some of the cutest and chicest holiday nail art looks that you'll want to show off all year long:

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1. New Year, New Sparkle

How To Steps

1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply pink gel color on all fingers.
3. Put on gold glitter gradation on thumb and ring of bottom finger.
4. Put on random gold shell hologram on thumb and ring fingers.
5. Draw a triangle in gold glitter color  on middle finger.
6. Attach some stones randomly (red, crystal, silver) on glitter triangle and Attach gold star shell hologram top of triangle.
7. Apply sparkle pink glitter on index and small fingers.
8. Apply top coat 
Credit: @marsthesalon

2. Christmas Tree Pretty

Take your nail look one step further by infusing a thick glittery top coat with the traditional red and green vibes. 

Credit: @charmznoordheuwel

3. Rad Plaid

Gold accent tartan nails are a total do for your office holiday parties!

Credit: @nailsbysiobhangalloway

4. Shimmer and Shine

For this fun and festive mani, opt for a glittery silver tone and become a superstar once the clock hits on New Year's Eve. 

Credit: @beauty.bykarmen

5. Crescent Moonlight

If you're in between colors, give the moon mani in red and gold look a try.

Credit: @paintboxnails

6. Christmas Brights

'Tis the season to be jolly! These tiny, bright-colored ornaments are everything. 

Credit: @nailsby.lily

7. Glitter French Twist

Spice up your traditional french mani up with a modern glitzy glitter vibe.

Credit: @nails_by_geri

8. Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater

There's really nothing ugly about this Christmas sweater inspired mani and it's easy to do. All you need is stamps to make this nail art come to life.

Credit: @noemisomogyi

9. Peppermint Bliss

Try this cute candy cane trend to keep your nails dazzling throughout the winter months.

Credit: @mrswhite8907

10. The Christmas Shine

How To Steps
1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply gold glitter color on thumb and ring finger, black on index and pinky, and white on the middle finger.
3. Draw a black heart on the thumb. 
4.  Write "JOY", and draw some little snowflakes with white colour on the black heart.
5. Attach some star shape hologram and small round hologram randomly on the index finger.
6. Draw 3 snowflakes on ring finger with white colour.
7. Draw some dots between the snowflakes. 
8. Attach some small gold hologram on the middle and pinky finger.
9. Apply top coat.
Credit: @marsthesalon

11. Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Nutcracker

How To Steps: 

1. Apply Base coat.
2. Apply yellow color on index and pinky nails, and black color on the ring finger. Use Blue color on thumb and middle fingers, and then paint black square on the bottom part of them.
3. Draw a face with the beige color on ring finger.
4. Draw blue clothes of the Nutcracker.
5. Draw yellow pants of the Nutcracker.
6. Draw a collar with white color, and two orange lines in the center of the blue part. Draw small orange lines on the tip of the sleeves and pants.
7. Draw curved line on the tip of the nail with camel color. Draw details of the clothes of nutcracker with camel color.
8. Draw a wind-up key with camel color, and draw some patterns of the clothes of the Nutcracker with red, orange, and green color. Draw the face of the Nutcracker.
9. Draw a black rectangular shape on the upper part of the index and pinky nails.
10. Attach a crystal in the center of the rectangle on index and pinky nails.
11. Draw some random sizes of circles with different colors on thumb and middle nails.
12. Draw 4 dots and lines in center of the white circles with grey color. Draw some stitch lines on the black part with camel color.
13. Apply top coat.