Nail Art Inspo for the Feminist in You

Who says you can't make a political statement with your manicure? Definitely not a feminista!

We've rounded up some incredible designs that will make you feel #WokeAF:

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1. Viva La Mujer

Dominican nail artist Ami Vega took her designs to the next level and paid homage to the historic Women's March on Washington that took place in January 2017. The message, "Viva La Mujer," acknowledges our Latino ancestors while empowering us to keep fighting for women's equality. 

2. La Frida Kahlo

There's no argument — Frida Kahlo was a real, badass feminist. The Mexican-American artist smoked, boxed, and wore suits around her family to redefine gender stereotypes. She was openly bisexual, while respecting everyone around her in an endless artistic way. Ready to rock these decals? You can buy them on Etsy.


Many cultures associate women, and especially young girls, with the color pink. Recently, fems have transformed this color by incorporating a different style. Get a manicure with a message that will turn heads.

4. Wonder Woman

When we think of our first hero, Wonder Woman tops the list. As the crime-fighting beauty, Spanish and Mexican actress Lynda Carter inspired us with her feminist bad-ass attitude. In a world of male-dominated superheroes, she strongly stood out among the sea of men. 

5. We Can Do It!

Rosie the Riveter was used as a sign of women's economic power during World War II. Around this time, America turned to its mujeres to take part in the workforce while men went to war. Of course, many slayed the game and proved that women can get the job done just as much as any man.

6. LGBT Equality

This manicure screams love and equality, and we're here for it! The design pays respect to the Latinx community at large.