Does This Work? La Roche Posay

If you have rosacea (red, irritated skin that flares up when you use harsh products, eat spicy foods, or exercise), then you know how incredibly hard it can be to find a formula that doesn’t make your rosacea worse. Our celebrity bookings director feels the sting whenever she tries a new skin product, but she was still willing to test a few more in hopes of finding "the one":

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What it is: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra, $35,

The Claim: “This creamy, lightweight fluid immediately alleviates irritations as it delivers sheer hydration. Emollient shea butter moisturizes and promotes healing while squalane soothes and calms. With continued use, you will begin to notice a improvement in skin sensitivity, redness and overall skin discomfort.”

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My Results:

I have super sensitive skin and it's really hard to find products that don't irritate. On top of that, my face gets red easily. That said, I’m always willing to try something new that remedies all of the above, although I haven't had much luck finding the miracle cream. In the past month, I tried a bag full of different products claiming to help with redness. The only one that didn’t irritate my skin or just simply not work at all has been this La Roche-Posay Toleriane cream. I like that this one is lightweight, doesn't cause any skin reactions, and pumps out just the right amount, so for now I’m sticking with it. My one problem: It's not doing anything for the redness….maybe with time! 

Rating (out of 5 stars): 3