Does This Really Work: Supersmile Tongue Cleaner

Nobody wants to have bad breath. Research has shown that not cleaning your tongue can lead to this desagradable odor. According to Dr. Irwin Smigel, who created Supersmile teeth whitening and oral care products, 85% of odor-causing bacteria lives on the tongue. So it’s important to clean your tongue to get rid of these germs the way you remember to brush your teeth and floss. Thus enter the new and improved Flexible Tongue Cleaner ($22 for pack of 6, The plastic tool is flat and the length of an unsharpened pencil. It has small ridges on one side, which is the side you use to scrape your tongue. Not to worry, it didn’t hurt when I tried it.

I grabbed the ends and bent it to form a half-circle per the instructions. I put it on the back of my tongue and passed it gently out toward the tip of my tongue. I then rinsed the cleaner. Mind you, this isn’t something you want to be doing in public. And as long as you’re not scraping hard, it doesn’t hurt. Since you wash the cleaner after you use it, it’s handy since you can reuse it and change it around the same time you change your toothbrush. The brand recommends repeating the process two or three times, twice a day. Also, you get different shades in a pack, so you can tell yours apart from your family members. It’s cuter than any other tongue cleaner I’ve seen, and it’s worth using it if it’s going to keep bad breath away.