Does This Really Work? Shaving Cream-Filled Razor

Once you get used to using a specific razor it can be hard to switch to something else. I’ve been using my trusty razor for years, but I had to try the new ShaveMate Diva 6 ($9 for a pack of 3, Target stores) because the handle is filled with shaving cream. Cool, right? The thick foamy cream, which contains lanolin to help lubricate skin, comes out from a pump at the bottom of the handle. The Diva 6 razor also boasts a whopping six sharp blades that left my skin smooth as silk. And it has a strip of soothing chamomile on top of the blades. It was easy to use because the razor head arches back and forth to conform to your body.

The only catch I found is that the shaving cream only lasted about 5 shaving sessions, and then ran out. In all fairness, I have been known to slather on loads of cream to shave. So the time it lasts could vary for different people.

In any case, it’s a good tool to travel with so you don’t have to pack a bulky can of shaving cream along with your razor. And if your boy gets jealous of it, you can let him know there is a version for him, too.