Does This Really Work: Rolling Razor

What comes to mind when you think about shaving? Do you think of the razor, the cream, or getting cuts and bumps? Would you ever think of a ring? Now that the Rolling Razor ($15, is available, you just might. Unlike your traditional shaver, it has two curved razor heads on top with three blades inside each. The handle is a circular ring, so you can put your finger through it as you shave. The Rolling Razor’s unique shape is meant to fit the contours of your body better and be quicker to use since it has two razor heads on its top. It might look intimidating for some, but my adventurous side led me to try it out.

To use, you slip the tip of your index finger inside the ring and place your thumb on the outside to hold it. I really like that the handle has rubber on the inside and outside of the ring, so you can get a better grip. However, with the word “rolling” in the name, I thought I was going to be able to roll it against my skin. But the blades in each razor are stationery, and situated in such a way that one head shaves in the direction of your hair growth and the other head against the hair growth. So, you can continuously move it up and down swiftly using both heads. This made my skin feel smoother than ever in no time. And the blades themselves are curved instead of flat, so I found it most comfortable to use on rounded areas like my knees. I used the cute pink one, but you can find a multitude of colors and prints (including camouflage) on their site. What type of gadgets will they think of next?