Does This Really Work: Pop Lash Wow

Did you ever think a flat brush could give you long lashes? The folks at Pop Beauty believe so. They’ve created Lash Wow ($19,, a mascara with a unique brush that resembles a rubber spatula. On each side of the flat applicator are combs with short bristles—one is wide-toothed and the other is fine-toothed.

I used the wider comb first to coat my lashes with the rich formula. It clumped a little bit, but as soon as I turned the brush around to use the finer comb the clumps were gone. I found the first comb works great to deliver color, and the later one defines and lengthens (it also works to lightly coat lower lashes). The flat tip is pliable, so it’s easy to maneuver. Lash Wow’s pigment is infused with Vitamin B5 to soften and Vitamin E to nourish hair. The results were lush and plump. When it comes to lashes, the bigger the better!