Does This Really Work: Peel-Off Polish

Sula’s Paint & Peel Sula Collection ($10, consists of nail polish shades that easily shed off nails without using remover. I painted my nails with Modern Mauve—a bright violet shade—that goes on like regular polish. You need two coats to get even coverage. If you don’t put on a topcoat, though, the water-based formula starts to peel at the edges as soon as it dries.

I applied my usual topcoat over Sula to make it last a little while. But as soon as I tried to peel it off the next day, it came off easily in strips. There was no need for potentially drying acetone. I feel like this would come in handy when you find yourself in need of a polish change with no remover in sight, or if you simply want a color change, stat. As the name states, you simply paint and peel.