Does This Really Work: No! No! Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal can be an expensive and lengthy process since you have to go back for several sessions to complete the removal. But now there's a way to get the job done at home!

No! No! ($175, is a home hair removal device featuring a technology called Thermicon, which uses mild heat to send gentle pulses to the hair follicle through a small wire inside the gadget. These pulses separate the hair from the root and burn it, which interrupts the growth process, making hair thinner. (If this sounds complicated, check out out and click on “How It Works” for a picture diagram of the whole process.) Eventually, the hair dissolves, and voilà!

While that might sound scary, it’s really not painful; I’ve been using No! No! on my legs for several weeks now, and I just feel it buzzing with some occasional light zaps. It also smells like burning hair, which is a little weird. The suggested use is 2-3 times a week, and the more you use it, the better off you are.

The other great thing about No! No! is that it's easy to use, especially after you watch the DVD demo that comes with it. The device is small, so it fits in your hand and has an indicator light that turns red if you're using it wrong, green when you're going at the right pace. It also comes with a blade for longer hair, another for shorter hair, and a buffer. Make sure you exfoliate with that buffer after you've treated the area, because that will ensure you've removed all the hair left on the surface.

So far, I’ve noticed the hair on my legs is finer, but not completely gone; then again, I haven’t been that consistent. No! No! has the potential to work if you're willing to commit the time it takes.

Buena suerte!