Does This Really Work: No-Lather Body Cleanser

Have you ever had a paraffin treatment? It’s a spa service where your hands or feet are dipped into a coat of warm paraffin wax (which contains paraffin oil so it’s not as sticky as regular wax and doesn’t pull hairs). Then the area you are treating is covered in plastic for a few minutes. Later, the layers are removed in order to smoothen your skin. I received this treatment once and still remember how soft my hands felt afterwards. My skin hasn’t felt like that again until recently when I tried Wen Sweet Almond Mint Body Cleansing Crème ($32, This is a sulfate-free cream that cleanses skin with the help of natural astringents from botanicals like chamomile and mint.

I applied it with a loofah and it feels like you are coating your skin with a thick cream in the shower. It doesn’t produce suds like your normal shower gel since it’s sulfate-free, which took a bit of adjusting. The mint in the formula smelled refreshing and made my skin feel cool for several minutes after I rinsed. And the silky smooth results are enviable. It brought me back to that paraffin treatment—like a modified version I can do at home daily.