Does This Really Work: Nail Gel

Do your nails chip at the worst possible moments? Like right after a manicure, or just before a date? My nails chip easily, so I’m usually trying different nail strengtheners in an effort to solve that problem. I just tried Perfect Formula Gel Coat ($21, It’s a thick clear polish made with keratin, which is a protein naturally found in nails, and calcium to help make nails stronger.

This formula does go on like a gel rather than a liquid, and it thickly coats nails. I found that it dries in the same amount of time as regular polishes. You can use it on its own and continue to layer, or apply a color of your choice on top once the gel is dry. I’ve tried it both ways—it looks like regular clear polish on it’s own, and color glides nicely on top of it. Regardless of which way you use it, the packaging says to remove once a week and reapply the treatment. I don’t know if I haven’t been as clumsy lately, but my nails haven’t chipped as much and they feel as strong as steel.