Does This Really Work: The Lip Scrub

Dry, flaky lips aren’t pretty! Exfoliation is the key to achieving smooth lips. I’ve used sugar in the past to keep mine looking smooth, but I decided to give cult favorite The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($24, a try.

They offer are six different flavors, but I prefer Cocoa because of its delicious scent. The formula has small granules mixed with a honey-like consistency. You rub a bit on your lips using circular motions. It feels like a regular scrub you would use on your face—it's not painful at all. You’re supposed to remove the formula with a tissue, but that could get messy since it’s a little sticky. I had to rinse with water to take it all off. My lips were left looking smooth and feeling soft. Although I enjoyed the results and the  sweet smell of the product, I can't say it was better than good 'ol sugar.