Does This Really Work: Khuraira Primer

Khuraira Dark Circle Complex Primer, $30, is a bright orange under-eye primer and concealer. Where in the world does that make sense, right? Well, I got a first hand show-and-tell from makeup artist and line creator Khuraira herself. First she picked up some of the thick cream with a concealer brush, and painted it onto the inside of her wrist. This helps warm and loosen up the cream – but does not change its vivid tangerine hue. Then she painted some under my eyes. When she finished applying, the skin under my eyes was the color of a traffic cone. Then she applied her concealer on top. I’ll be damned if it didn’t work! The cream acts as a primer; the color is meant to cancel out the blue undertones in this area. It helped my concealer stay put and its tan shade stay true all day long. Some other concealers with yellow undertones can leave olive and darker complexions looking sallow over time; the orange helped warm my complexion, and cancel out the black-and-blue under-eye circles. Just goes to show you, chicas. Never judge a compact by its color.  Angelique Serrano